Latest version constant crashes

Both Photo ai and Gigapixel crashes without warning at the slightest use. Sometimes just the a click on a setting. Sometimes seems to work ok, then open a new image, click “run autopilot”, crashes after couple of secs. Even simply trying to 2x upscale, might crash by just that. Or it works okay, then I try to select a new model, then it crashes. More or less same thing with gigapixel. Bot versions are latest as of 6th of march 2024.
Photo AI logs:
2024-03-06-11-16-42.tzlog (148.5 KB)
2024-03-04-16-01-51.tzlog (78.3 KB)
2024-03-04-15-57-53.tzlog (78.7 KB)
DX diag:
DxDiag.txt (133.4 KB)

Gigapixel logs:
2024-03-06-11-09-37.tzlog (63.7 KB)
2024-03-06-11-08-42.tzlog (95.6 KB)
2024-03-06-11-06-46.tzlog (254.9 KB)

Topaz Photo AI [v2.4.0] on [Windows 10]

just to add: it was more or less the same thing in earlier versions. But now it has gotten to the point that I hardly can use it and have gone back to “enhance” with Adobe Bridge (which is actually a lot better in upscaling brickwork/architecture that is my main use case).

tried to update to latest studio nvidia driver 551.61, but still same results in constant crashes.

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