Latest trial version is crashing my Windows 10 computer

I had used the trial 2 weeks ago, no issues. Now when I try a test file, up-converting to 4K
It crashes my PC, and the GPU driver shows as missing. I have to reinstall them. Not sure why.
Can’t seem to get the software to work without crashing.

Running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - Version 21H2 - OS Build: 19044.2965

64GB Ram

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz

ASRock Radeon RX 570 4GB Phantom Gaming D video card

Any help would be appreciated.



run the windows dxdiag tool, save the results and check near the end of the file under diagnostics for any errors.

Thanks, will do.

Ok, I ran the dxdiag tools, and there are a few errors listed.
Not sure what I’m looking at to be honest. lol

Oh no, that is not any fun! Can you please post the Dxdiag here? Typically uninstalling and reinstalling will fix the driver not displaying. You may need to reach out to the machine’s manufacturer or AMD directly.

No problem at all with the missing driver. Got it from the manufacturers website,
and it worked like a charm. I’ve attached the file here.
Thanks for your help!

DxDiag01.txt (83.3 KB)

I’d start by deleting any wondershare software and Easus you have installed.

Then open up a command promt as admin and type this:

sfc /scannow

Done. The scan didn’t find any issues.

“windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations”


So, I tried to convert a 10 second clip to 1080p, and it worked. I tried 4K of the same file,
and got an error, picture attached. I tried 1080p again this morning, and got the same error.


That error relates to an AMD driver failure.
Nothing Topaz can really do about it.
Maybe your 4gb RX 570 is struggling when you throw a 4K render at it.

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From AMD’s website: To resolve the driver timeout issue, uninstall and reinstall the AMD driver . Make sure to first turn off Windows Update, antivirus software, and LAN/Wi-Fi connections after uninstalling a driver before restarting your computer. Use the default installation options when installing the AMD drivers again.