Latest Offline-useable Version of VEAI?

I’m trying to get guidance on which is most recent version of VEAI that can be used offline, given that issue hasn’t been fixed yet. … Despite it being 6mo since that was posted in feature requests, with the issue existing a good while before then, and as far I saw, receiving no inputs/attention from Topaz devs on here…

I want to be able to test the product while having limited internet access at present, so that I can see if I want to buy once the offline use issue is fixed. All this would appear to be at pains to stop me from doing so.

Sounds like a copy protection handshake. Worst case: use a 4G phone to usb tether some internet until the handshake is done. Unless you can provide them with a way to combat piracy that does not need internet, things will probably stay the way they are.
Sigh never mind. Sounds like it calls home way to often for that to work.

So I agree, that could be handled better.

After testing 2.4 and finding it not working offline, I tested 2.1.1 and it worked. What’s fun is that, after testing, can confirm this version didn’t need to phone home, not once.

I don’t understand why connectivity for license verification needs to be incessant.

  1. It is not the norm for expensive premium software (per my own experiences/those of similarly frustrated others on here who noted as much)
  2. This is far more onerous for legitimate product holders than it is for users of pirated versions, who likely don’t have a significantly sized offline use case for the software.
  3. Legitimate users are further much more likely to have planned around what is a reasonable assumption. You can see cases of this from keyword searching offline on this forum.
  4. It’s not like the phoning home has done it’s intended job of thwarting piracy.
  5. Topaz is disincentivized from being explicit about this functionality limitation, as their marketing people would likely throw a tantrum of tantrums.
  6. All of the above will serve to drive away a not insignificant segment of potential customers, something that is a loss for all (even pirates) except for to competitors.
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I made an account only to ask this but I can’t seem to make a thread. Does Video Enhance really have always online DRM protection?.. for a £200 product?

If so then it’s a ‘no with prejudice’ from me. My internet connection isn’t shaky but with the world being as it is lately, I am expecting it to be, and I am not gonna buy a toy that stops working soon as the internet goes down - when I need it most for entertainment.

Huge shame if they’ve decided to use these anti-consumer methods that have been shown not to work time and time again.

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Can’t seem to find a way to edit my comment.

Yup. Just checked and the always online DRM isn’t even helping them because the latest version is already available on sites that I won’t link to.

Your only way to make a case is to prove that getting VEAI is better from said unmentionable sites, because they modified it to not need an account and not phone home.

I mean, all you need to do is check the comments on a popular pirating site to see if it works. By and large, it does, including latest version of VEAI. I assume the method mostly is just block in/out connections via firewall.
Basically, this flawed DRM practice has made for two things:

  1. Piraters can use latest version just as a paying user would (whether it can be used offline for pirated versions after 2.1.1, is unclear)
  2. Legitimate users without reliable internet are forced to just sit and wait unless they want to compromise or use 2.1.1, which is a pretty big step back.

Makes maybe even a little less sense than the war on drugs, in terms of cracking down on illicit activity.

That sounds like vindication for their anti-piracy measures to me.

It’s right there in the hardware requirements everyone can see before buying.
I was bummed that I needed to update my Windows 7 system to Windonw 10, but it’s also in the requirements, and it really doesn’t work on Windows 7.

Software security from piracy can only be done in a constantly changing model. What worked last year has been cracked this year. Anyone with software of value, knows this. I’m sorry the requirements keep getting more strict, but who wants to lose a fortune by negligence?

I’m using version 2.6.4 and I’m offline. After an update I had to log in again once and then there were no problems. Of course you should download the desired models in the options, otherwise the program will try to do this when you are offline. Simply set that no new models should be downloaded and then go offline or block the program with a firewall.

I meant more in that it’s unclear whether pirated versions can be used offline, whereas legitimate users cannot use the software while offline. If one can’t use it offline, then one must be able to use it online, or it wouldn’t be cracked.

That’s interesting re the most recent post (can’t multi quote, sry) - will test when able to later (laptop is doing update things)

interesting information

I’d been using the version released in 2021, I’m not sure which one that was but I definitely was using the program offline around September or August offline. No idea which version that was and it doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve been trying to get 2.6.4 to work offline, no luck so far. I am logged in and I also downloaded most of the models (or at least I tried to) and it still wouldn’t work. I guess version 3 is supposed to fix that.

Apologies, I was unable to test for some time.
Most recent version fully updated does not work offline, can confirm that at least.

Would be nice if one of the devs would, you know, unbury-head… if only to respond—if only this once—to the repeated dissatisfaction among actual and potential of this product.

I confirm that for me too, 2.6.4 works offline, I often do that - once logged in to VEAI, it remembers the login for future offline sessions and carries over - to the next days too.

But if it needs a new ‘best fit’ model, one it hasn’t previously downloaded, I have to go online for a minute or so for it to grab the model. The more different models and different video frame dimensions I have previously downloaded, the less I have to go online and many days, if it already has them, not at all.

I have 61 different models/video dimensions on my data drive now, 6 gigs of them, but for anyone just starting out that obviously won’t apply and online they will have to go - albeit briefly - whenever they do something new i.e. new model, different parameters where changeable, or new frame dimensions for that model.

Sorry for not having replied in a while - I hadn’t been able to test the above-reported.

It does seem that offline capability is back again, which I’m happy to see.

It would be nice now to see Topaz be explicit about where they stand on offline use and the odds a return to online-only use will happen.

Is there word on ETR for what I take is to be VEAI 3.0?