Latest Gigapixel (7.2.x) vs Photo AI?

What’s the general feeling? Would it be true that any/all Gigapixel updates are by default and immediately integrated into Photo AI? Or is there a delay? A big delay? Or is the upscale in Photo AI completely different than Gigapixel?

Like most of you I guess, my inbox and social media/internet ads are overflowing with the new version of Gigapixel, and I’m wondering if I need to consider buying it.


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By now I feel lost about what Topaz’s philosophy about their product lines is and their silence about it is deafening.
I owned Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel when they were standalone apps. Then I understood that they would be dropped as standalone apps and replaced by Photo AI as an all-in-one solution, so I “upgraded” to that. Then Gigapixel was resurrected from its ashes as an independent app.
So initially I thought, okay - you need more, you spend more and get Photo AI that bundles everything together; you only need upscaling, you pay less you get a subset of Photo AI, meaning Gigapixel. I kind of get it.
Then it turns out that the two products appear to be developed separately, so the upscaling technology used in Gigapixel is not (at least in part) replicated in Photo AI, which by now sounds like it has a crippled version of Gigapixel.
If the above is accurate, I am really lost: wouldn’t it have been more straightforward for Topaz from the inception to say to users that that was the plan? So each of us could have made their own mind which way to go based on a fully informed decision? instead now we (kind of) find out that in order to get the best results you also need to buy Gigapixel on top of Photo AI? It doesn’t feel right to me.


These are exactly my thoughts as well.
I reached out to the support to ask about this topic and they replied quickly and very friendly.
Photo AI is supposed to be a very comprehensive tool, if you have various demands and is also excellent in Upscaling.
However, “the latest and greatest” models seem to be in Gigapixel only, so if you want the best from both worlds, you have to upgrade both products separately. At least that’s what I understood. It’s a bit a disappointment for me.


OK - yeah I agree - thanks for that.

It seems they originally intended to have two separate apps for photos and videos. However, a decision was made to revive an older app that was supposed to be discontinued, updating it separately to maximize profit. This approach may confuse customers about which app is best. As a result, they might feel compelled to purchase both Gigapixel and the photo app to benefit from upscaling and other photo editing features.

Not the best or most ethical approach imo