Latest download version does not allow to "Save In Original Format", it converts to DNG from Sony ARW file

After upgrading to the latest version of Photo AI (on 4/4/23), I can no longer open a Sony ARW raw file, process it, and save it in the original ARW format. The software will only save the ARW as a DNG file, DESPITE DESIGNATING “save in original format”. This is VERY BAD!!!

Older versions allowed me to process Sony ARW files and save them as ARW files.

Please fix the problem. This software is almost useless to me now. What a bummer!!!

It has never allowed you to save in Sony RAW (ARW) format. Only Sony camera can do that.

No software will overwrite original RAW image files.

I can confirm what Don says. I have had Sony cameras for several years and Topaz products have always created DNGs. Very large ones!
Or you can use the Photoshop plugin to create a layer.