Late Afternoon at Badlands NP, South Dakota (added color version)

Hi Folks,

This is from my visit this past August. Processed with LR into Studio, Adjust, B&WEffects, and back to LR.

Here’s the color version the above was created with. The late afternoon sun added a very warm glow.

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Nice image @ScottO but may I ask… what version of Studio are you using and having any luck with getting it to work?

Thank you, John.

Yes, I worked on this image over the weekend after updating to Studio 1.6.8. Didn’t have any issues or problems. So far, I’ve only used Adjust, B&W as plugins through Studio and played around with Impression a bit. Everything worked as usual per my normal workflow.

My system is Win 10 64bit, LR 5.7.

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So you are not using any Studio adjustments… just the older plugins thru Studio?

For Adjust and B&W Effects, I used the plugins, as that’s all there is since I don’t own the ProPack.

But when I played with Impression, I used the Impression adjustment and the HSL adjustment, both without issue. Again, so far, those are the only things I’ve used since updating. I also almost always use Impression manually, i.e. I have the left panel hidden and work the adjustment sliders from scratch. So I’m generally not aware of or know anything about issues regarding the left panel.

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Thanks @ScottO for the explanation, I appreciate it.

No problem John. You’re certainly welcome.

Best regards

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Very nice result …

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texture is soft and sympathetic

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Both the BW and color versions are very nice!