Last update messed up everything

I don’t know if the algorithm has changed too but Photo AI is not the same as before. It simply messes up everything. Sharpening doesn’t do any sharpening at all. All I got is a pixelated, stripe like photos. Especially on landscape shots.
Denoise noises foreground objects like hands.
Previously I was trying to match the Body Skin with Denoise to Face Recovery as there was always a big difference on textures. Now I cannot even match them anymore.
Unfortunately, I am almost near use Photo AI anymore.
By the way, I am always editing photos taken by me with the same cameras or phones. That means in the meantime nothing has changed regarding my archive.

If you need Photo AI urgently, you can download any of our previous releases here: Releases - Topaz Community

It sounds like this would be best supported as a ticket since we’ll need specific info on your computer and images. Please submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page.

We’ll be happy to continue helping you there!

Now it’s totally unusable after last update. Thanks a lot…150.00 down te drain. I will remove that program… What a waste!!

I would recommend a full deinstall and a clean re-install after and also check if you disabled the “subject only” box. Unfortunately this is turned on by default which often leads to confusing by making changes only to foreground subjects.

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Please elaborate on what you mean here, I’d like to help troubleshoot any technical conflicts you’re running into.

Thanks for the suggestion.