Large batch processing in TPAI standalone

Running TPAI in standalone 2.4.0 PC I used windows explorer to drop in 397 NEF files. Approximately half were processed and the program seemed to terminate normally.

If instead I use LRC to pass in the files as “copies with LRC adjustments” all of the files get processed.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.4.0] on [Windows]
DxDiag.txt (161.7 KB) (1.7 MB)

I would like to see if updating your GPU driver will resolve the problem.

Please use the following link to update your driver: Intel | Driver Update

After the update, let me know if you are still experiencing the problem.

Hi John - I’m going to piggyback on this issue and mention that I can replicate this issue on various machines regardless of the video driver version. In fact, it even does it running inside of Wine on Linux.

My observation is that file processing gets exponentially slower as TPAI works through a larger batch. My normal workflow involves dragging an entire photoshoot folder into TPAI and letting autopilot do its thing. This worked until a few months ago, when this issue was introduced.

My workaround is to keep a batch under 50 photos, close the program, and then open it again to start a new batch. This is pretty tedious and prone to error as I have to keep track of which photos I’ve processed and which I have not.

You can replicate this issue easily by taking folder of 200 or so photos and dragging it into TPAI and running autopilot on all of them. You’ll observe that initially the program performs fine but progressively slows down and becomes unusable around 100 photos and will either stall or crash by the time it gets to 200.

Edit: This happens with both nvidia and intel.

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