Landscape in Adobe Lightroom Classic rotates to Portrait on import

Topaz Photo AI 1.2.6 on MacBook Pro M1 often rotates a vertical image to horizontal. When this occurs, face recognition fails. This is a recurring issue for me, not exclusive to the lates version of Photo AI. Perhaps I am missing something?

You may want to state what types of images are the originals, what type of images are sent to Photo AI and how are they being sent.

A screenshot would also be a help.

Thank you for the advice. These images are copies of slides from years gone by so those images that were portraits originally were copied in landscape format, then rotated and cropped in LightRoom before sending to Topaz Photo AI. It could be that Topaz doesn’t recognize the rotation in LR. If there was a way to rotate in Topaz then maybe it would do face recognition which it appears it is unable to do when faces are sideways.

If you use the Edit in command and send a TIFF, PNG or JPEG then LR will create a new image file with all edits applied. That should be ok.

I am having the same issue. Import to Photo AI (PC) straight from camera sd card. Apply edits then export to PC folder. Open image file in Lightroom 5 and images taken in portrait mode are rotated. Lightroom does correct at Develop module but viewing/edting files in Import module can be difficult. Screenshot attached

What type of Camera and what is the export format and does it show correctly in Photo AI?

Olympus E-M1, jpg, and yes it is correct orientation in Photo AI.

That is strange almost as if it has lost the orientation on output. I will move this to the release thread if you have updated the application to v1.2.7 and it is still happening. Just let me know when you have updated and if the issue is still there.

Yes, it has latest update… 1.2.7 And an addition… I’ve just recently aquired Photo AI a couple weeks ago (I already have DeNoise and Sharpen and no issues) and if I’m not mistaken it occured prior to the update as well.