Lack of edit history or virtual copy

It would be very helpful if you could compare edits or strengths in Photo AI. It’s one of the things I miss about DeNoise AI is that you could see how different models worked on the image and choose the most natural. It looks like Photo AI is moving away from the different model formula or at least given just a couple. Therefore, a virtual copy, similar to the functionality in Lightroom, would be most appreciated so you can compare two different slider strengths side-by-side. As it now stands you have to keep the outcome in your mind’s eye.

I agree, the finer the edits, the more important it becomes to be able to compare them back to back rather than with the original. This would require significant restructuring of the app though, so we’ll have to be very careful how we approach it.

I’ll bring it up with my team and discuss possible solutions.

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