Krinkle Kut borders

Finally had some time to figure out how to do this using Texture in Topaz Studio and the PNG structure TS wanted. No, not the highly cranked Clarity setting but rather the border treatment.

Once I gather my notes, I’ll post something w/ more details on the process if interest. The trick was getting the date to work. I stretches justa touch in this example, but easily corrected. This was made from a scan of a square print.

I’ll put this up as a public preset later on. I’ve a couple more from the '30’s to make yet & thinking of a couple more tweeks.

Oh, and this is my very frist kitty kat, Boris.


Your kitty kat is beautiful.

Very nice capture and creative processing!

Thanx everyone. Ya, he was a real sweety & very photogenic.

This was a scan with a plustek 35mm optical scanner I picked up in April, & from Tri-x B&W negs. TS was just adjustment with Clarity as mentioned. It looked quite nice with Clarity at a Min setting too, so experiments & a bit of cleanup retouching are gonna ensue.