Ka'aha Point

Still futzing round with integrating Corel Painter into my work flow. The jury is still out.


Nice looking painting results and colors. What is it that you’re not sure about using Corel Painter?
How are things going for you with the volcano issue that is happening?
Hope all is well?

Hi John,

So the volcano (Kilauea), continues to continue. We are on the west side of the island, Kilauea is on the south east side. The problem here is that the trade winds which typically come out of the north east wrap around the island and push the vog from the lava hitting the ocean up the west coast of the island. Some days are good, some days are not so good and some days are terrible. I get up each morning to check the “vog index” to determine whether I want to go paddling. I’m now thinking I’m going to join a canoe club in Waikoloa which is north of Kona and out of the vog pattern. As for Corel Painter, it is a learning curve for sure but I’m having lots of fun with it. It is clear that I’ll need a drawing pad. Also the full featured version is really expensive. So I’ll probably spring for Corel Essentials 6 to get started and upgrade down the road. Thanks for asking!

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