Just Bought Clarity

Just received an email from topaz that Clarity was on sale at 30% off. I have Clarity as a plug in from a 30 day trial and being I purchased it thought I would receive a key. Did not but something about being in Studio ???. Need some info. Thanks!

Hi there, if you head over to the Topaz Studio Website you can download the installer for Topaz Studio, which is free, then your Clarity (for Studio) purchase Adjustments and Presets will appear in the application. Note that you will need to login with the user/password you used to purchase the Clarity plugins and then the Pro version will appear immediately.

Studio is also a standalone as well as a plugin to Photoshop and comes with a set of basic adjustments that allow you to adjust images … RAW included.


I already have Studio Open beta as a plug in to my PS.

The adjustments should appear after you Synch … don’t forget to exit and restart … you should have the pro versions of the HSL Adjustment and Precision Contrast along with a specialty preset section of Clarity.

Please excuse my ignorance but where do I find it in Studio? Actually I would rather have the key to use it on my Installed plug in. Is that possible?

I believe it is part of Studio and accessible only through Studio which is actually a plugin for PS anyway:

This is my Studio when opened?

That is an old beta version, uninstall it and download and install the current version from the website … link is above in the header.

Woah! Yea - that’s a super old version, from our closed beta run. Ouch. Please update to the latest PR version, as AiDon has noted.

I did it and things are rockin. Got the new Studio and my Clarity. Thanks Don and Joe for the help.