Just An Odd Self Portrait That "Speaks" To Me

Corel PhotoPaint the host application. Topaz ReMask removed black screened background, and a section of the Editor’s House became the substituted background. Topaz Adjust to saturate and pop.

Painter 2018 dry oil brush auto painting; then, soft edge cloner restoration brush to return details. Topaz Glow added selectively and in turn. Galactic and Ion radiation added bits of color, fur & feathers modified beard and hair. Additionally, touches of Liquid Color, Mist, and Brilliant Black where used, where each, could benefit the picture. Topaz Star Effects added a glow around magnifying glass. The text was created in CorelDraw, with eye dropper selected colors from the picture; then, it was run through Topaz Impressions, to match the pictures painted quality. Topaz B&W for a sepia toned version brushed in selectively for subtle vignette.

And here’s the odd thing about all this:


Very cool edits …

Excellent edits and I love the video.

Thanks, Bob.

Thanks Kathy, and I’m glad you liked my little CrazyTalk animation.

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