JPG to Raw AI v 2.0.1

I just updated to this version tonite. There seems to be something wrong with how it’s working on my PC.

It’s showing my source jpg image as sRGB (I have my camera set to capture as Adobe RGB) and the only output option that’s appearing in the preview box is ProFoto (the Adobe RGB and other options I used before are no longer there in the interface as choices for me to select).

Is this just a bug for the Win 7 PC implementation? Is anyone else seeing this too?

The desktop icon is the same old icon. I saw a different shield type icon in today’s email re: the bundle of AI products. I’m wondering if what I got from the Topaz Downloads page (Win option) was somehow the wrong thing.


I don’t recall what the previous version did but I am seeing the same as you have described here, I’m using a Mac. The only output option is ProFoto. It’s the one I like to use anyway but I can see that if you have another preference and a previous version had given you the option to choose, then this version is a step backwards.

It may be that the image you are using is actually sRGB asa it is picking up AdobeRGB for me. Youcan check in PS or Affinity Photo etc for the current profile.

I believe that the only output option is ProPhotoRGB, DNG/TIF/TIFF

Windows doesn’t update icons if you already have a desktop icon there, just right-click on the icon and select properties, then Change Icon and go to the program file directory and use the file mainapp.ico and apply that.

Thx for confirming it wasn’t just a fluke on my computer,

Yes, the other color space options were always available for Output choice previously.

I always set my outputs from Topaz software to be Adobe RGB because I have my Ps preferences set to assume I am working with an Adobe RGB image.

I need consistency in my processing & output files. The change that dropped the other color spaces is an issue for users working with Adobe RGB as their preferred color mgt approach.

Thx again for your reply!

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I don’t believe they were as the purpose of JPEG to RAW AI is to give the optimum color space and dynamic range. We have always only had the choice of ProPhotoRGB, DNG and then TIF was added.

Here is a screenshot of v1 …

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Thx for the info, Don.

I will chk the profiles for my images. And try the method you suggest re: the icon appearance. It puzzles me that with my cameras set to capture as Adobe RGB in their settings menu that I’d be getting sRGB (which is the alternative setting option- yes, I verified accurate setting. :no_mouth:).

The output color space in JPG to Raw is a more serious change, and loss of needed feature functionality, to Adobe RGB color space users/ preferers (as noted in my reply to Mond).

Take care. Have a gd weekend.

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