JPG to RAW AI breaks in Big Sur, 2019 16" 8-cor, 32Gb

Mac OS 11.6, 32Gb memory, 8 cores, 1TB SSD, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8Gb

It’s been a while since I tried using ‘JPG to RAW AI’ - probably before I upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur. Now, the app starts but the window to load images fails to appear. I have force-quit, deleted the app, re-installed, rebooted. Nothing helps.

I see its running from the command-line (ps -ax) or from the “Force Quit Applications” menu. But there is no active window to load images - only a spinning ball then, from the ‘Force Quit’ app- I see “not responding”.

The version is 2.2.1. I also tried changing the display resolution to the lowest value after checking “Open in Low Resolution”. nothing helps.

Unfortunately JPG to Raw doesn’t yet run under Big Sur.

It apparently doesn’t work on Monterey (12.1) either. I have the same problem on my 2020 iMac 27".

Is there any timeline on a fix/support for Big Sur and Monterey?