JPG created in Gigapixel won't import into Lightroom Clasic

Interesting. I created a 4x enlargement of a .tiff file - saved as .tiff (convert file format → No). This loaded into Lightroom Classic no problem.
But, same everything, but saved as .jpg (max quality, keep colour profile=yes), and it produced a .jpeg that could not be recognized (not show on ‘import’) by LR. But it would load into the Win10 default image viewer.
First time I’ve seen LR not import a .jpg file.
I had to import the .tiff file and export as a .jpg in LR.

Gigapixel ver. 4.4.4

Any ideas ?

Raise a support request at the main website and attach the created image Lightroom can’t load for the engineers to look at.

Try changing the extention to .jpg instead of .jpeg. You can do this in Windows Explorer.