JPEG to RAW v2 DNGs only open in Studio

(JesusSheep) #22

His File Generates UnSuportedColor Mode in LightRoom,Affinity Will not open it,PhotoShopCC 2019 will not open the file.Only TopazStudio I have will open it.

(JesusSheep) #23

I do not Recal saying you did not know how to use capture one did I?

(JesusSheep) #24

This File would not open on Affinity Photo I have You running Public Beta One ,Only TopazStudio Opened it. with me.

(Don) #25

Please read the thread carefully to see what it is about and, if you have anything to add that is different to the issue that will help, please explain. We already know the DNG profiles are incorrect as the ICC Profile for the TIFFs is incorrect.

(JesusSheep) #26

@AiDon I tried to Openthe you File You Profided .Used Affinity Photo ,PS CC,LightRoom Only Topaz Studio could handle the file on my end,Topaz seems to be producing DNG Files only topaz can open.BTW I must assume Error Message Wrong Color Mode must mean Wrong DNG Profile in Light Room that lightroom produced.[quote=“AiDon, post:2, topic:10156, full:true”]
Still not fixed as the EXIF is wrong …

Unfortunately it still hasn’t been fixed as Affinity Photo reports it as unprofiled, CS6, ON1, and Capture One assign the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 because it’s something to do with the ICC Profile in the EXIF:

Just Like you Did on this post and on this post my Affinity would not open it.It looks Like You have setup Affinity Photo to ProPhotoRGB.

(Don) #27

Honestly you don’t know what you are talking about and I haven’t setup Affinity Photo to ProPhotoRGB … please stop now.

(Paul) #28

After making my previous post in this thread I downloaded AiDon’s example out of curiosity, and I can only open it in Topaz software, just as he stated. So, here’s a link to the file I posted, which I created in JPEG to Raw but can open in any software except any made by Topaz if anybody else would like to try. If only to prove I’m not going mad (or maybe that I am!):

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(Larry) #29

You choose!:slight_smile: It opens fine on my PC with Topaz products.

(Paul) #30

Thanks for testing it. But what about other products?

(Larry) #31

Opens in PSCC 2019, Fast Raw Viewer, Affinity Photo. Does not open in DxO PhotoLab, but Photolab does not play well with a lot of DNG files.

(Paul) #32

Thanks Larry. Looks like I’m not totally mad then. Just confused now!

Just to add to the list ACDSee opens it but it’s very blurry. SmartPhotoEditor, FastStone and Bridge/ACR/PS (CS5) open it just fine, but PaintshopPro and After Shot just don’t like DNGs at all.

(Linda) #33

Downloading the sample file you provided later in this thread opens for me the same as for you. All are fine EXCEPT Topaz products.

(Linda) #34

Win 10: The DNGs I am creating in J2R V2.0.1 ARE opening in PS, Studio, On1Raw 2019 and ACDSee. However, I could not open your Christmas 2015 dng, and I had the same viewing results that Paul did with his Sorrento image. The inconsistency of these errors is bazaar.

Confirming the color profiles are wrong. J2R says it will assign ProPhoto, yet when opening in PS it says Adobe RGB 1998 has been embedded.

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(Artisan-West) #35

The Sorento DNG file opens properly in Affinity Photo (windows 10) but is very over exposed in Corel Paintshop Pro X9. When opening it in Topaz Studio I get a heavy magenta cast.

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