Jpeg to RAW PR 2.0.1

I just updated to the PR release 2.0.1.

Converted a 3.0 MB File to 73.3 TIFF file and neither the file or the folder that I created in JPEG to RAW appear in Finder or any other file browser that I use. I have re-verified the location with JPEG to RAW but to no avail I can not locate the file nor the subfolder created. Both the subfolder and the file were saved to a location on an external HD where I keep all my working files.

I did manage to save it, view it and work with it on my Desktop which is on my principal HD.

This would have me believe that the is something broken when one saves it to an external drive or a drive different from the source drive.

I am running on MacPro OSX10.14.3 with. 64GB of RAM