JPEG to RAW AI v2.2.1 fails to save DNG

I have tried to create a number of DNG files from JPEGs, and the application keeps failing to save the file:

I tried uploading the log file, but it wasn’t allowed.

No need to upload the log, just choose the file format from the Processing panel … You have a choice of either DNG or TIF.

It actually told you the file was undefined on the output side of the main panel.

Hi Don,
I tried selecting DNG, TIF and TIFF (not sure what the differences are between the two TIFs) and received exactly the same error. I hadn’t noticed before that when it processed it blanked out the file format.

TIF or TIFF is just an extension but the same format. Next option, go to Help-> Graphics info, press copy and paste the info here please.

OK, I can’t explain it, but now it seems to be working…didn’t change a thing.

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