Jittery playback (repeated frames) with Enhance AI

Hello, would love tips anyone has!

I’ve been trying to enhance VHS footage and have been experimenting with different settings. The results look gorgeous and are overall very impressive (I’ve used various Dione options primarily but have been testing others, as well), but I’ve consistently been experiencing an issue that I’ve seen come up as a common problem with Enhance AI in google searches - the resulting export featuring occasional skipped and repeated frames, which creates a ‘jittery’ playback effect. (It will repeat a frame from a few frames back occasionally.)

Is this something others have experienced when working with the program? A part of me wondered if it has to do with how Enhance AI deinterlaces, but maybe it’s a framerate issue or has to do with my computer’s processing power, etc…

I’ve asked Topaz support about this and they haven’t been able to pinpoint where the repeated frames issue is coming from so far, so reaching out to see if anyone has pointers, especially as I’ve seen mentions of this problem elsewhere. Thanks!

It might be a telecine effect. Output in MP4 could help in some cases.
If not, then you need to convert it into 23.976 fps using Handbrake + detelecine.

Thank you for the advice! I’ll try doing that in Handbrake.

I found where to select the Detelecine filter, and I’m assuming the Default setting should be fine. Should I also Deinterlace it in Handbrake or no?

Much appreciated!

You should use Detelecine only.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Great advice with the handbreak method, sure as hell beats the manual extract frames=>load into DupeGuru=>Rename files=>Re-encode method, while 100% effective its too laborious to be practical for anything more than a 1-2 minute clips!