Jittery Motion = crash

When I activate Jittery Motion under Stabilization VAI crashes apx. 10 sec. after I click Preview Both.
iMac.spx (7.0 MB)
MacOS X rapport.txt (102.8 KB)
logsForSupport.zip (10.5 MB)

Can you open a ticket and replicate the issue and then send in the fresh logs for review? I just looked through the logs here and I am not seeing anything to show a crash or it relating to the Jittery Motion and Stabilizer. Thanks.

That is what I did (in regards to the logs) and when I go to Help → Report an issue, I’m send here - so how do I open a ticket?

If you go to the main website you can click on the little chat bubble and then hit Email us and attach the fresh logs to that.

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