Jerky Motion on One Video

Okay, for me, it makes me feel that way :
Topaz Video Enhance AI 2021 modèle dione dv (scintillement sur le mouvement) - YouTube

whereas if the video is deinterlaced and rendered with gaia like here or artemis hight medium proteus etc, I don’t have the flicker effect :

Topaz Video Enhance AI 2021 modèle gaia (pas de scintillement si c’est désentrelacé) - YouTube

I had a similar sounding problem. Unfortunately the digital files I’ve got of the old 8mm film were interlaced (which IMO is just shameful). So running them through the de-interlacer and outputting to ProRes made them very choppy on Windows).

It turns out that they played fine on Mac. So digging deeper, VLC on Windows was the issue - changing the output to OpenGL video output for Windows made them play properly.

Also confirmed these play fine on Davinci Resolve. Hopefully this helps someone else.