Japanese Gardens, Chicago Botanic Gardens

Taken on a trip to Chicago last month. Processed with Adjust, then a small amount of Glow, then Topaz Studio.




Very nice

Tranquil and beautiful …

a beautiful scene enhanced in a lovely way

A lovely scene. The reflections in the water add so much. PP just right.

Nice result, agree with the previous comments …

very nice processing Ken - a definite winner

Really like the PP work you applied, the results really enhanced the original very much and made for a much more appealing image. Well done!

The PP is sufficient and not OTT — the result ---- a fine image

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Mond, @BobKramer, @ShazzyCo, @Michigander, @AiDon, @FlickColeman, @cre8art, and @el48tel! I appreciate them very much!

And Terry - I am guessing that OTT is over the top, right?

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Well done!

Thank you very much, @techman!