Issues with Photo AI V 1.4.0

Experiencing very bad color shift when processed with Nikon High Efficiency Raw of Z9 files. Files sent from LR to Photo AI with File/plug-in Extras/Process with Topaz Photo AI

Sent 270 TIF files generated by LR to Photo AI, only 26 appeared. Close Photo AI and resend generated TIF files to Photo AI, all 270 files appear.

Filename corruption appear again with V 1.4. Apparently it was solved with the previous version. Process 270 files, 61 filenames corrupted. Went thru the pain comparing all the 270 Raw files against 270 TIF files. The affected 61 TIF files were deleted and regenerated with LR and sent to Photo AI for processing, 26 TIF files were found to have filename corrupted.

The problem with previous version having a TIF file with Rating and Keywords removed is still present with V 1.4

Rolling back to the previous version and re-process all the 270 files

I also have a Nikon Z9, and now since update V1.4.0 and V1.4.1 the outcome files are having terrible color change (magenta color outcome), and practically non usable files.
Any chance to fix it soon, as I am not able to use the software as it is…



We are working on stress tests for this. I’m not sure what changed to make it worse, but a developer is dedicating time to try an fix these issues specifically.

For this Nikon Z9 issue, this happens only with images where there are edits made to the NEF file.

Please try processing the NEF file before making edits. Then you can make edits after the DNG is returned to Lightroom Classic.


Actually this is not the case for my issue. I added the NEF file without any edit, and same happened. Now I am back using V1.3.9 and this issue is solved (now I have to convert file to DNG to work on TOPAZ, but better than the color issue… ).

What info do you need from me to support to fix the issue?




No additional information is needed, we have a reproduction so we can fix it.

It’s simply waiting for a developer to handle it.

Hi Lingyu,

Thanks. Appreciate your update.

Tested V 1.4.3 on Windows 10, apparently filename corruption is solved, I need to test it on Windows 11.

The other issues with Keywords and Rating deleted for one TIF file for each batch run is still happening. That file will exhibit color shift.

Hi Lingyu,

I have tested Photo AI V1.5.2, the issue with having one TIF file in a batch of more than 20 files with Keywords and Rating removed and color shift still persist. Last test done with 27 files.

I updated Photo AI to V1.5.3. Missing Keywords and Color Shift still persist. New issue surfaced. Sending JPEG file from LR to Photo AI selecting the option to process Original JPEG file resulted in the processed file returned to LR with Adjustment and Crop removed.

Another issue with a particular file in the batch when previewed, cause the App to shutdown. It does not happen if that file is sent to LR alone. Let me know if you require that file for testing.

I have rolled backed to V1.5.2. It was painful to re-process the 124 files processed by V1.5.3.

One question, is the application tested with Windows 11?

Can you send me a batch of images with keywords, rating so I can test this issue? I had tried previously by adding keywords and ratings to a batch but was not able to reproduce.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

If you use Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI and select “Edit Original” then the original file with NO adjustments or changes is sent to Topaz Photo AI. That is expected.

You should be using the Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments option.

Please send me the file that caused the batch to crash as well to the above Dropbox link.

Hi Lingyu,

I have uploaded 50 NEF and corresponding XMP files for you to test. Those are photos of bird, so that you can differentiate the files. I ran test with a batch 25, no issue, but there is issue with a batch of 27. I have yet to test with 26 files, and also whether the issue is number dependent of file size dependent. Please note that I am using Windows 11. I ran one test on Windows 10, apparently no issue, did not repeat it.

I have uploaded DSC_6894, NEF, XMP and TIF files. This is the file that caused the system to crash. I tried using V1.5.2 which I have rolled back because V1.5.3 is not usable. Apparently, there is no issue with V1.5.2 with that particular file.

As for the issue with Crop and adjustments deleted with V1.5.3. Your statement of the issue is due to using “Edit Original” is not valid, because V1.5.2 does not have that issue. When I choose “Edit Original”, Topaz AI will show the file without adjustments and crop, you are correct up to this point. After the file is processed and returned to LR, the crop and adjustments are shown in LR with V1.5.2. Topaz AI must have deleted the information in the JPEG file with V1.5.3. LR stores those information in the JPEG file which can be read and interpreted in LR. Hope the same can be for V1.5.3 as V1.5.2. The advantage is I will not end up with TIF files which are big.


Soong Ming WONG

Hi Lingyu,

I have tested the latest version of Photo AI V2.0.2

Please disregard my feedback on JPEG with crop reset after Photo AI, it is not an issue with Photo AI, a behaviour I need to understand with LR.

As for Keywords and Rating missing and color shift for a file after batch processing with Photo AI still exist in V2.0.2. I did a number of tests and found it will happen to the 27th file in the batch. It is repeatable, I tried more than 10 times with different files. Certainly not file size related.

The adhoc issue with not having all files selected from LR appearing in Photo AI still exist.

I have tested sending Z9 Raw files directly from LR to Photo AI, no color shift and all adjustments are still in effect after the file is returned from Photo AI, only crop is reset to original. It would be usable if the crop is retained.

Hope the team could resolve the issues.


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