Issues with Photo AI 2.0.7

I’m a bit lost now how to denoise and sharpen your images in LR or PS

Here are several workflows I use (used), none of them is giving me a satisfying workflow and result.

Working in LR:
I first select my images and process them in LR
Once I get the desired look and feel, I finalise them in Photo AI.

Methode Nr 1:
Rightclick on image / edit in / Topaz Photo AI
Topaz Photo AI opens up and creates a TIF file.
When I denoise and sharpen my image, I get an ugly red/green/blue noise on the new file.
Almost worse then the original, see comparision

Method Nr 2:
I go to File / Plugin-in Extras / Process with Topaz Photo AI
Topaz Photo AI opens up and creates a DNG file.
Yes, indeed, I get a much better result, no RGB noise, also a better sharpening
But when the file is saved:

  • it forgets to add the flag to the image. Colorlabel and rating is added. Very annoying.
  • It forgets to add the crop I’v done to the image, I have to sync again between the 2 images to get my correct crop.

Method Nr 3:
Rightclick on image / edit in / Adobe Photoshop 2024
PS opens up and creates a TIF file.
I go to Filter / Topaz Labs / Topaz Photo AI
Again I get that ugly RGB noise
Yes, I keep my crop, flag and other parameters

It gives me the impression the plugins work in different ways and give me different results
What do I need to do to get the best of both worlds, I mean:

  • no RGB noise
  • and keeping my workflow
  • keeping TIF files, I like to use TIFs, especially when I make extra processing in PS.

Kind regards to all

Topaz Photo AI [2.0.7] on [Mac/Ventura 13.6.1]

I don’t use Lightroom but Photoshop. Are you using the Auto settings in PAI?

If so, you can override them and do your own settings.

I’ll admit I’m struggling to get good results using PAI. I get much better when using the DeNoise and Sharpen as plug-ins.

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