Issues with GigaPixel RAW and sRGB output

I just bought Gigapixel and installed it on my system, but when I ran a resize on one of my raw images all of the 3 color profile settings produced washed out images. I thought this was fixed.

Original image, cropped:

AdobeRGB, cropped:

The ProPhoto and sRGB versions look identical to the AdobeRGB. My software tells me I have the latest version, but the output looks terrible. Am I missing something here?

In my previous post I displayed 2 images, one an original raw and one an upsized jpg, to show the comparison between how the color displayed. In the actual test I created 3 output images, one sRGB, one ProPhoto and one AdobeRGB, each from the original raw, but only posted one of the outputs, commenting that all 3 looked as washed out as the one I posted.

I looked more carefully at the other two and realized that they not only were washed out, but that one of them, the sRGB image, contained what looked like cars driving out of the sky. Here is the image in Photoshop:

Here is a crop of the upper left corner:

The cars, or whatever they are, are only in the sRGB upsized image, so I assume there is some bug causing this and I wonder if anyone else has seen this.

The RAW conversions are not quite up to satisfactory but the developers know that and are working on it. In the meantime, and I would suggest a much better workflow than using GigaPixel to do RAW conversions, I would do my RAW conversions and get the image the way I want it before upsizing. And that would include getting the right tone & color, straightening and cropping.

RAW conversion is all about personal taste.

I haven’t seen artifacting like that previously but then I would never use GigaPixel as a RAW converter.

I agree with Don. However for the “UFO” artifact Michael is using a jpg file. He is trying different color spaces. I have upsized a fair number of jpeg sRGB files with no problems. I also don’t understand why he is getting washed out pictures when using a jpg file (unless its the color space), mine look the same as the original. I do get washed out images if I use a raw file, but as I have said many times , that is poor work flow so just don’t do it.

He’s not - he’s using a raw file - the output is JPG.

Ok, I read that as he created three photos in another program then went to Gigapixel. Still, the best processing is to adjust the picture in Photoshop (or equivalent) and/or Studio then enlarge your final picture. I save as jpeg and then enlarge if needed and you only need to enlarge when you want to, so it saves disk space.

Here is what I did:

  1. Loaded a raw file into Gigapixel, selected sRGB as color format and 200% for resize and created a jpg.

  2. Loaded a raw file into Gigapixel, selected AdobeRGB as color format and 200% for resize and created a jpg.

  3. Loaded a raw file into Gigapixel, selected PhotoLab as color format and 200% for resize and created a jpg.

  4. I then checked all 3 images and all were washed out and one of them (the sRGB image) contained those artifacts.

Thus the artifact was created when converting and upsizing a raw image to a jpg.

I hope this clarifies what I did and what I found.