Issue with Interlaced Video or Something Different

Hello all, and first post here as I am new to Topaz Video AI. I have 2 old commercial sports hockey/baseball DVDs that I want to improve the quality. With the fast moving parts, there is a lot of horizontal lines which I thought meant it was interlaced. I converted with original quality to MP4 and tired to used TL Video AI preset to delace and increase to HD quality but the horizontal lines persist. Videos are from early 90s and 2000. As a novice, wondering if I am using wrong presets or models. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hola! How do you go about deinterlacing, for my part my 8mm videos from 1996 to 2002 deinterlace better with QTGMC, it is probably still the most efficient to deinterlace any source.

Hi there. I use the preset within Topaz Video AI. It is an option in the drop down “Presets” menu in the top right hand corner. I have not tried QTGMC but will have a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have a feeling your original video is not interlace but somewhat converted to Progressive in the past (probably incorrectly). can you check your video with MediaInfo and see if it is indeed Interlace?



yes qtgmc is much better however it is better to try with iris instead of dione :slight_smile: what is the frame rate of your video?