ISSUE LigthroomC and PhotoAI max batch size 1 images


I just updated to the latest version of PhotoAI and this has broken the batch processing started within Lightroom Classic.
I’m using this approach to get my raw images processed inPhotoAI: ???:// (links not allowed)

Before the update to 2.3.0 (maybe I missed some updates before) I was able to process many images in PhotoAI. Now it is only exporting 10 images.

As there was nothing changed on Lightroom side, I hope you can help an reactivate unlimited files for batch processing in PhotoAI.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for that information; based on your sys profile, your computer is more than capable of handling the processing with no issue

I suspect the problem might have been a bad update installer, I recommend you uninstall the app completely and reinstall with the link below; this will get you a new license for 2.3.0

“My Products" page:

If the issue persists, then it’s likely a bug in the update version itself, which, in that case, I’ve provided the 2.2 version below for you to revert to!

Topaz Photo AI V2.2 Mac

Topaz Photo AI V2.2 windows

Please let us know if you’re experiencing any other issues with the 2.3 version so we can inform our developers and get that issue patched


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