Hello Everyone,

This one is from the farmlands south of Minneapolis. Initial processing in LR followed by a bit of AIRemix and a couple of curve filters via Studio 2.

Thanks for looking and best regards


Beautiful image, Scott

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Lovely setting and capture …

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Great scenery !

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Great clouds and lighting, looks like a very nice painting

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I love the balance in this with the dominant sky - but then I love skies!

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Thank you everyone !

Thank you. As I worked on the image, the gentle slopes began to remind me of rolling swells in the sea. That in turn, led to envisioning the woodland as an island. The resulting balance came from an image in my mind of being at sea and approaching an island. The sky would dominate the scene. Hence I cropped in a way I hoped would emphasize that feeling. I’ve also found that blending just a touch of AI Remix can add a nice dynamic to some skies.