Is this normal? (regarding image sequence - video file size)

I just upscaled a 5 minute 70mb 480p video @ 200% 8-bit PNG through image sequencing. The file size of all the images together is 13gb.
The problem is that when I add these frames to VirtualDub2 to create a video, the file size jumps to 35gb. Considering there are 18 more 5 minute parts to go, that would nearly come to 700gb for a 1 hour 22 minute 480p video upscaled to 960p.

This seems very excessive. Would I be correct in thinking something is wrong here? I still don’t quite understand why VirtualDub2 would triple the file size, when all it’s doing is adding the files together.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated big time :slight_smile:

I also failed using .png files for whole movies but were successful using .jpg instead.

Luckily mine didn’t fail. The end result was a whopping 820gb. There goes my dreams of upscaling 1080-4k lol

when I tried to import a movie length of .png files into virtualdub, virtualdub froze.

Did you let it sit? VirtualDub freezes for about 10-20 seconds for me, then it’s fine.

Yes, I did. After waiting maybe 10 minutes I gave up. On the other hand import waiting time relies a lot on the drive I use. Generally only the internal M.2 ssd is quick enough. Even a fast external SSD makes the import freeze for endless minutes. :eyes:

I’d hazard a guess that vdub is exporting an uncompressed (or very mildly compressed) video, so file sizes will be huge. You won’t have the benefit of png compression in a video made with png images. You have to recompress the video for smaller file sizes. An intermediate format like prores or dnxhr would lower the file size alot while keeping the video high quality

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Thank you sir :slight_smile: