Is there a way to just install Topaz Studio as Standalone (not plugin to Ps)?

I don’t want my install of Studio to affect the older Topaz Collection plugin filters I have installed on my Win 7 PC within my Ps CS5 and Ps CC 2018 host programs. Is there a way to install Studio without altering or impacting my older versions of Topaz filters in any way? Thx! Is there a choice within the install process for Studio to only install it as a standalone and not plugin to Ps (or Lr)?

Hi, your previous plugins are not affected by the installation of Studio … they will be available both through PS and Studio.

If I understand you question correclty, I believe your fears are unfounded. It took me a bit of time working with Joe F. to actually get Topaz Studio to install into PS CS6 (via the .bat file) in order to work as a plug-in as I prefer to start in PS. But all the other stand alone tools are still there as they were before. You’ll have a Topaz Labs tab as well as a Topaz Studio tab. Some items such as Impression2 for example can be used as they normally are or through Stuido. And of course you can run Studio as a stand alone. In a nutshell, you just get more flexibility.

Thx for the reply. That’s good to know!

Thx Don. That’s great!