Is there a problem with the Topaz website?

I’ve been trying to process a video file using an older filter, and it just says, “downloading model” on an infinite loop for twenty minutes before I quit the application. Then I tried downloading TVAI 4.04, and I’m only getting 50 Kb/s download speed, so the download will take me over four hours. This has been going on for hours now.

Yesterday Topaz emailed its current users with a $72 credit that was good for only the next 72 hours, according to the email, and their website and Topaz Labs servers were apparently overloaded wiith people trying to log in to their Topaz accounts, download, and buy software, as you can see in some other threads here. It was better this morning when I went on to download trials of a couple apps, which I couldn’t do yesterday, but maybe it’s bad again. I’m not sure that’s your problem; it could be something else, of course. But try doing it at an off-peak time, or just wait until Sunday, when the offer will have expired, unless they extend it.