Is there a histogram in Studio 2?

I didn’t see a histogram anywhere is Studio 2. Does one exist? If not, this is a serious omission.

It is on the roadmap and I think in the next release, there is a roadmap post on the forum.

It’s on the priority list. Shouldn’t be much longer

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The Roadmap is your friend.


Histogram arrived in the lower left corner of the application in version 2.0.5 today. Check it out!

Nice - Works for me.

Having played with it a bit, my personal preference would have been to have it at the right hand side of the image area, rather than the left, so my eyes don’t have to span from the Histogram right at the left across to the sliders on the right when adjusting levels, but I will no doubt get used to it.

I’m honestly toying with that notion myself. On my larger format monitors its quite a stretch for the eye from the sliders to the histogram

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Perhaps either of these locations


It would also be nice if the Histogram would update when you click on the image to see it with and without the filters/looks turned on. That would give you a quick way to see how much you’ve changed the profile from the original.



Yes, I think that would be nice too. It does however update when you add or disable any of the individual Filters, and it also updates if you add or disable a Look.