Is there a difference between Gigapixel 7 and the new upscaling models in Photo AI 2.3.0?

I’m asking because I don’t understand the difference between the versions:
I own the Topaz Bundle Sharpen, Denoise and Gigapixel, and I own Photo AI.
For Photo AI I have the update renewal, for the Bundle not.
For the Gigapixel 7 I am asked to buy a renewal, for Topaz AI not. Do I get with the new upscaling models in Photo AI 2.3.0 the same as I will get with Gigapixel 7?
Is there a difference in the models between the Bundle Apps and Photo AI? If not, why is the update policy so confusing?
Thanks for the answers.


@bildbaendiger, Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI were discontinued and these tools have been moved into Topaz Photo AI. Topaz Photo AI does have an upscaling feature in it too.

Topaz Gigapixel and Topaz Photo AI’s upscaling tools are similar. The models might differ between the two a bit.

In the future, we are looking to have Topaz Photo AI and Gigapixel differ. Topaz Photo AI is targeted towards professional users/photographers with professional tools. Topaz Gigapixel will be for basic upscaling and enhancement. We have plans in the future to move it to mobile and target the general public rather than photographers.


Will the Photo AI capabilities on sharpening end up being similarly configurable as the freestanding Sharpen AI always has been? I have both products and I miss the increased ability to tinker with settings present in the separate Sharpen AI program.

The features will continuously be tweaked until we feel like they’re perfect.

The two applications aren’t really meant to be compared. I suspect that it will eventually be a lot better than Sharpen AI.