Is there a black friday discount code for EXTENDING licenses?

Hi Topaz,

I own all Topaz products and I am about to prolong my licenses. I wonder if there is a promo code for EXTENDING my existing licenses another year?

Honestly, I have have to decide if I can afford extending everything or if I need to drop out of certain tools - which I would hate to do.

Please let me know.


Yes there is. If you sign into the site you’re pricing takes into account what you already own.

Yes it does, but I was unable to figure out if there is a black friday discount available to apply to the order!

Go to the main website, log in, then go to

It’s not the only way to get there but it just worked for me.

it says: page not found.

You must be logged in first for that link to work.

My apologies. I pasted an incorrect link by mistake. It’s

(Note the hyphen!)

Black Friday Special - Upgrades have a discount !!! Save about 25%,

Use FRIEND15 promocode for additional 15% discount