Is the a way to contact Topaz about my problem?

See my post on “Unable to post after recent upgrade”. Forum members have offered some good suggestions but none have solved the problem yet. Is there anyone at Topaz who can address my problem? All contacts seem to end up here.

There is a link to Support on the bottom of this page. Once there, click on the blue “contact us” callout on the bottom right of the page. I’ll copy it here for you:

Or you could email

Thanks Kathy,

I hadn’t seen that there were two tabs (Answers and Ask) I was on “Answers” and taken to the Docs page where everything seemed to lead back to itself. I do have a person from Topaz corresponding via email now. Hopefully they will get me sorted out.

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This has been resolved by tech support on Zoom call. The update caused the app to run in compatibility mode. Tech support unticked a box in file properties and that fixed it. Super service. Thanks to everybody who helped.

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