Is it possible to go back to Photo AI of September 2022?

I don’t know that you have done, but the current version of Photo AI (1.3.0, Windows) is very bad.

Denoising destroys all fine details and sharpening generates blurry images. And setting the sharpening sliders to the maximum (close to 100) makes the images look artificially oversharpened (and the fine detail is still missing).

Is it possible to go back to the version of mid-September 2022?

To give you an idea of the problem, I’ll try to post a link.

It seems I’m not allowed to directly post this link, so I will have to break it up (replace “dot” with the dot):

www dot molon dot de/images/photoai_130_vs_sept_2022.png

To the left is Photo AI 1.3.0 the automated output with denoise and sharpen.
In the middle is Photo AI of September 2022 (denoise + sharpen).
To the right is Photo AI 1.3.0, with denoise set to the minimum (1-2) and sharpen to the maximum (close to 100).

I just want to go back to Photo AI of mid-September 2022 and I don’t want any updates any more.

Just raise a support request at the main website telling them what version you want.

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