Is it my install or are we not allowed to preview our videos in progress anymore after a recent update?

Previously, if you had a video converting, the best way to test it’s results and see progress was to copy/paste the file that was in progress (usually in place where the original input file lives, with a naming convention that includes model info and settings) - you could paste this 0kb file and it would show you the progress and how big the file was at the current moment, say 40% in, and you could view the video in progress by doing this.

Now if you try this and the video isn’t 100% completed converting you get a “can’t render file” message in any video player. Is this normal behavior now with a new way videos are being converted?

Opening the temporary file during processing does not work for .mp4 export anymore. Switch to .mkv instead. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’ll try this.