Is Denoise AI a paid or free upgrade from Denoise 6?

I have read elsewhere that Denoise A.I. may be a free upgrade for current Denoise licensees, but I can find no mention of this at the Topaz Studios site.

I did get an email about a $20 discount, but am wondering if there is a possibility that I have missed an offer such as occurred with Sharpen A.I.

Does anyone have any info about this?

Thank you!

I received an e-mail with specific details; I already own Topaz DeNoise.
Perhaps check your SPAM folder?

I doubt its a spam folder issue, as I got the $20 off offer today and have never had any issue corresponding with Topaz Studios.

I am glad to learn that there is an intent for current licensees to get the free upgrade.

Thank you.

I have yahoo email, and when I checked at yahoo’s webmail, the invitation was there to download for free (since I also own Topaz DeNoise 6). But when I told yahoo that topaz labs was NOT SPAM, the message disappeared and is nowhere to be found.

So how do I get the download? This never happened to me before.


Download from here:


I got a second email saying it was free for me - and instructing how to download and sign in with a specific email. Also a link to reset the password (if needed) for that very specific email address. I complied, however after launching the program it still doesn’t recognize me as a registered owner. I expect there may be a few kinks to be worked out in this roll out.

Send me a private message with the email address for your topaz account and I will take a look to see what’s what.

Hi Everyone,

I got it all worked out. Thanks very much!

I evidently received the upgrade email last night and didn’t recognize it as a different message from the announcement email I got this morning.
So, everything worked out just as Topaz had intended and I was able to install Denoise AI.

This past Sunday I made a picture of a large herd of deer in the twighlight of sunset, so I am eager to try Denoise AI to compare to the results I got with Denoise 6…

Thank you!

Got it-THANKS!

Hi Russell…I’ve got the same problem. Got both the “you get a free copy” email and the “discount on a copy of AI” email. Followed the link, installed AI and when I put in my email and password I get the same “you don’t own AI” error.

Obviously my password works since I was able to log into the site and verify that I do own DeNoise 6. I even changed my password, that worked, logged back in to verify that it worked, and then ran AI again with the email and new password…still doesn’t work.

I can’t figure out how to send you a private message…but my email is


I also received an email saying I was entitled to Denoise A.I., with instructions for downloading and launching it. However, upon doing so, I was given the choice of purchasing it or a 30 day trial. I did the trial, thinking it would then “know” who I was, but it didn’t. Please help. :sunny:

If you have this issue where it just gives you the option to buy or trial…

Try this. Go ahead and start a trial. Then go to “Update Product Ownership” under the help menu. That should get the application to convert out of the trial mode. Please let me know if this works for you. If it doesn’t I should be able to manually add it.

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Ya, I went through all of that as well. Same thing with the previous online installer for Topaz Sharpen. Eric Yang from Tech support was right on it, as in that night ~ 20 mins. after I submitted a ticket. If I wasn’t trying to register DeNoise, I could log in with either user name or e-dress. Try to register and neither would work. Eric had to manually reset then I could get to the reset page.

So, there’s still some wigglys with the online process still.

“Upgrade product ownership” is not working (I click on it and it doesn’t respond). I downloaded the trial thinking I could just enter my license after opening it but there is no place to do so on the trial. What now?

So it’s been 12 days. I put in a support “ticket” and never got an acknowledgement, a confirmation, a “bug off”, nothing. I have less than 3 weeks left on this and am not happy with the support Topaz seems to not be giving.

I have an account, yet trying to install DeNoise tells me my details do not exist, yet here I am writing this in my account.

You will need to raise a support request at the main website as this is a user to user forum.

Contact support if you believe a product is missing from your account.