Is cuda usage the most important when it comes to gpu usage?

Hello, I have been trying topaz veai for about a week. I have applied various settings and tried various models, but I have never used more than 10GB of GPU VRAM, and the overall usage rate has never exceeded 60%. However, the cuda usage rate is around 70-80%. Is this normal usage?? My computer’s specifications are 5950x, RAM 32GB, 4090, 1050w.

On the RTX cards, cuda is not as important.
You might see more VRAM get used when upscaling to 4 and 8K. I never do, so I never seem more than about 2 GBs used.

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Thank you for the reply! It’s a pity that the overall usage rate of the graphics card is low.

You can try running two instances at the same time.

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Are you talking about upscaling two videos in one topaz app? Or are you talking about using two topaz apps and performing upscaling in each app simultaneously?? In the former case, we already tried it, but the two images were not processed at the same time.

You can set it up to 4:
The results should be the same if you two instances or Max Processes set to 2.

…I usually use the command line, so I haven’t tried all those options myself. I have the 7900X with its 12 cores. Running two maybe does it 10% faster. If I had more cores—like your 5950X—I think I would get a much greater speed increase.

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Thank you! I didn’t know about max processes setting. At that time, I worked with max processes set to 1, but I think that’s why I couldn’t process two videos at the same time.