Iris without Recovering Faces

I am working to restore some old footage. I am getting excellent results from Iris Model. The only problem is that the Faces look really bad - very cartoonish.

Can you help suggest how I can reduce the Facial Recovery, while keeping the rest of the results?

If possible, it would be great to have Iris model without the Facial Recovery, as it does wonders on old footage.

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Use Proteus, Iris was introduced for all the people asking for facial enhancement.

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But then Proteus tends to give this Wax/comic look.

I’d prefer IrisLQ (as it doesn’t alter faces as much as IrisMQ) with a high value for Recover original details (e.g. 85) - and also a high positive value for Deblur/Antialias (60+) to counterfeit the loss of details.

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I’d also like to see this feature for Interlaced footage upscale to Full HD. The results were better than Dione generally, but I can’t use Iris LQ or Iris MQ because the faces simply aren’t the faces of the people I know. Took my curly haired child and made it straight hair, for example.

The model had very little to work with so not critical of Iris, just wish I could turn off the facial recovery.

Proteus doesn’t appear as an option when deinterlacing. Maybe I should try 2 passes? deinterlace first, then upscale to HD as a separate step?