Iris preview very slow

I’m using v3.3.5 with iris model to deinterlace sd footage and upscale and enhance to HD. The preview window is very slow to load the right hand window and says “generating preview”. I’m on an M2 Macstudio running Ventura 13.4.1. This is disappointing.

Hi Richard,

The Iris model is a bit slower than some of our older Enhancement models, but in general the M2 Mac Studio should offer some of the fastest performance among currently available Mac systems.

What speeds (in fps) are you seeing during file exports for Iris?

Around 6.5 at the moment.

That’s not bad.
I get 8 fps on a 5950X and RTX 3070
My average using my Resolve workflow is around 7.5 fps

I’ve found the 4k model is much quicker to load.

I’ve discovered that the 4K model is faster than HD. I’ve been taking SD video (vhs camcorder footage) and deinterlacing with Iris and then up res to 4k with Iris and Auto relative. It’s much faster and I’m now exporting with 5fps on average. I have the Ultra Mac Studio. The only thing I’ve seen is that Iris sometimes will add an eye where there is none. I believe the model is more accurate in 4k in terms of the upscale as it retains more perceived detail. I think we may be a the point where using QTMGC may not be better. Working directly with the fields seems cleaner and sharper. I look forward to further enhancements of this model.

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