Iris Model facial recognition disable

Can we have the option to turnoff the facial recognition feature. I’m finding the eyes are un-natural and the software adds glasses on some frames. Iris produces a much cleaner result than Dione and is a great upgrade otherwise for deinterlacing.

Yes, sounds good. The facial thing does produce some unwanted transformations currently.

From my understanding of the explanation provided by Topaz Labs, this isn’t possible, at least not on Iris v1.

This is because the Iris model isn’t a enhancement/upscaling model + a face enhancer. Iris is an enhancement/upscaling model trained on a lot of faces, and as a side effect does a better job at enhancement/upscaling faces than other content.

You might be wondering why Iris isn’t an enhancement/upscaling model + a face enhancer. I believe Topaz Labs was having difficulties implementing that technique in a fast and temporally stable form. It’s possible a model like that could release at some point in the future, but we’re not in the future yet, so it’s not available right now.

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Iris model is a facial reconition people were asking for years.

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It seems that if you don’t increase the resolution, the face gap will be very small if you choose this, and the face will be clear at 2X
The 3.3.7 update mentions this option, so I also just started trying
Recover Original Detail slider 100 would be great

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Still fact is that Iris does a really good, sometimes excellent job of cleaning up old videos but sometimes does strange crazy things to peoples eyes mostly with extremely bad sources.

I found that first cleaning those up with Artemis and then running Iris afterwards diminishes this face/eye problems.

But Iris IMO does a better and less intrusive job at generally cleaning even such material than Artemis so I’d like to be able to first run Iris without face recovery and only then run a second Iris pass with face recovery which might work out quite well…

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