Iris: fine-tune face enhancement

I would like a feature to finetune the face enhancement effect in Iris - because often it appears too heavy to me.
Besides: in restoring my huge archive of familiy movies (8 mm and Super8 analog/ Video8, miniDV) your TOPAZ products are of great help to me. And my people are stupefied by the unbelievable quality of the restored memories.

Hi there you can switch to manual when using Iris to achieve this effect :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are looking for a specific setting for the face itself? That would be neat!

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That’s my idea

Try with the Recover original details slider and set this really high (>80%).

Really helps with faces getting „generic“.

To still see improvement/sharpening otherwise I‘d also suggest setting Antialias/Deblur to at least +50%.

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