Iris drew a FACE on a leg..?!

Sorry team, I had to post this… this is unreal. Iris drew a FULL BLOWN FACE on someone’s ankle, and gave it facial expressions!


It looks like it even tried to add hair! Input is old VHS that I’m trying to restore…

Can we please work on this model?


Not sure why this thread by @kevin-1894 was closed with no input from Topaz. It’s not wise to keep deferring problems like this; it’s a fairly significant issue.

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It’s why they’ve developed multiple versions of Iris. AI models can do weird stuff sometimes, and they can’t do much to correct a particular model once it’s fully trained. Are you using Iris MQ in this example? Perhaps try Iris LQ v2 instead since it was released after MQ and is probably more appropriate for the quality of your footage.

They just don’t want to fix it! The suggestions to use other version of IRIS are irrelevant because they don’t do as good a job. Surely they can put in a switch that that turns off head decoration, that is glasses, earings, nose pins… whatever is other than organic enhancement. If the program did not have a choice to add inanimate objects, it would then default to the next closest organic enhancement. Well that’s the way I see it anyway.