Iris doesn't like straight lines

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When using Iris, I’m getting banding issues with diagonals, what results in pulsing light weaves as we know from LED banding, even when the raw material is clean and steady.

Moreover, there are slightly flickering ghost areas some pixels around moving vertical lines.

In full resolution (and on 50p), the effects are more noticable than in this sequences here (cropped 25p gif). Solely Progressive / Iris / Auto was activated.

I prepared footage for uploading.
Thank you for your support.
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Thank you, Andy!

Have you switched to manual to lower the sliders? I have seen similar behavior with this model when working with non human faces. This model was trained for low quality faces.

Do you see this occur with any other model with this file?

Hi @ida.topazlabs !
I just tested all the available models. The only one with banding and ghosting is Iris, even when set do “Manual” and all sliders to zero.
Indeed, Iris shows best performance when it comes to faces IMHO. Hope, once we’ll get rid of the negative effects, as the banding is unmissable, as well as the wobbly/shaking results after de-interlacing using Iris, despite the raw material is steady like in this play card scene. ( => Needed to de-interlace externally using Hybrid)
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1 VHS drop out line, but still very shaky:

Thank you! This is not alarming since you are not working with files whose main subject is human faces, however, I will share this with our team. Thank you!

Well, the scenes were cropped and are part of TV shows with a lot of faces. But I cannot archive digitally restored recordings with bandings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thank you for sharing with the devs.
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I’m still wondering, where Iris gets the movement informations from, based on this quite static raw footage. :wink: As these lines are part of a TV show décor, which can’t be omitted during processing, Iris involuntary leaves its imprints.


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