iPhone video clip looks distorted when imported into Topaz Video AI

I have a video created in in portrait orientation using an iPhone 13 Pro. I’d like to use Topaz Video AI to crop the video to a 4x5 aspect ratio. However, when I import the video into Topaz Video AI, it is distorted. Note: I don’t have this problem for videos that I create in landscape orientation.

I’ve included two screenshots - one of the the video when I open it in Windows Media Player and another when I open the same file in Topaz Video AI.

What do I need to do to avoid the distortion?

I’m running on Windows 11 Pro and I’ve attached my Topaz Video AI logs.
logsForSupport.zip (116.1 KB)

The team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix now. The distortion does not effect the exports from the recent tests I ran. You can go to the Edit option in the Video Input section and turn off the rotation - set to 0 - and it will show the video in a landscape orientation without the distortion and this should allow you to do the crop correctly and then process the video for a workaround. You will just need to rotate it back either in Video AI or another video editing app.

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Hi Kyle! Thanks for letting me know about the workaround!

i saw this too in the windows version of video a. i.recently.

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There’s an additional issue with the cell phone video. I tried to crop the video and do a 2X upscale and the application crashed. Not locked up, crashed (log files attached).
MacBook Pro, M3, 64 GB RAM, 2 TB HD, Sonoma 14.5
2024-06-04-21-54-8-Main.tzlog (1.7 MB)

When trying to process a video taken in portrait mode, the preview shows a version of the video with height reduced. I attempted multiple videos and the same happens. If I set rotation to 0 degrees, I see the video in its correct ratio and dimensions, but in horizontal rotation (not vertical, like it was recorded).

logsForSupport.zip (320.6 KB)
system_report.spx (7.0 MB)

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Same here with Canon R6 footage shot vertical. If I remove the “Rotation” metadata from the video with ffmpeg the aspect ratio will display correct (albeit the video rotated 90 deg, of course).

Joined your post with a previous users post regarding the same issue.

This is marked as fixed in the latest release of v5.1.3 please update and let us know if you still experience the issue.