Invert subject option on Topaz Photo AI

Has anyone else asked or suggested to be able to invert the subject mask for Photo AI? This could be useful for some post processing after using Photo AI the first time, to be able to come back and work with the background specifically as a subject. [Edit] - I saw someone else was asking about this so I gave it a vote.

We’re working on this specifically for the Remove Noise filter at the moment

Thanks for the quick reply!

When you say you are working on it for the ‘Remove Noise’ filter, would that also provide the same option/functionality when used with the sharpen filter in Photo AI too?

Photo AI is becoming better and better with each refinement as you release upgrades. Thanks for the great work on this very useful tool.

Thanks /Mike


It might look different for Sharpen. Currently, there’s a “subject only” toggle within Sharpen if you haven’t given that a try yet!

Sometimes the sharpening is a bit strong even with the sliders very low or all the way down; it may still be too much for the foreground subject, so an “invert subject” in the sharpen mode would give the option of leaving the foreground subject unaffected, while doing some global sharpening in the back ground with the “invert mask”. This would be different than the current “subject only” option because either choice on that option is still going to sharpen the AI defined subject. I guess I could go in and subtract the mask out of the main subject and then little by little add it back in to all the background, but that would be quite a bit of work to isolate out the AI defined subject that way.

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Thanks for clarifying. I can see how manually subtracting from the mask can be tedious.

How advanced is this function now? Or does it already exist and I just can’t find it?

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Don´t understand this too , in the late V1 and Sharpen Ai tool it was there and very useful.
Please integrate this invert tool again!!!

Please integrate this invert tool again!!!
It is more useful than substracting areas.
In sharpen Ai it was very useful.

Thank you