Invasion of Green

I think I did not post this image before, but I could be wrong, because the history of my postings disappeared after Topaz website being down for the last time. If this is the case, I apologize for double posting.

The image was taken in rural Pennsylvania, USA

LR + Topaz Impression 2

Original, unedited image:


The PP sure did the job on this. Love it! Massey Ferguson?

Nope, it is John Deere 730 Diesel.

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Your processing sure brought this image to life. I love the many shades of green are emphasized.


I like the original and your processing enhanced it nicely!

Since the original posts are lost, I think it is great if people want to repost their old works.

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Great mood and lovely pp work…

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Love the capture and PP work. Everything came out very nicely in the image, especially the grasses and other foliage.

I also agree with Ken on reposting any old image posts. I have thought about doing so myself with just some of my favorites and maybe applying some of the adjustments with Studio?

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